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Fashion Designer, Tech Expert and Digital Media Entrepreneur Marla Guloien Talks Inspiration and Sho

Welcome to the new online retail storefront and editorial space,

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Each day I wake I feel most grateful and blessed for all the incredible people I have in my life. A great line that I keep close to my heart is from Michael Jordan who said he only succeeded because he pushed himself to fail a million times. This sentiment has given me strength in many moments of despair, excitement for the unknown and a confidence to always carry on.

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ShopGlamRock Goes Fashion RunwayMarla Guloien | L.A. LIVE FASHION WEEK 2014 | 04

I've learned that every person is uniquely talented and truly special, and yet despite those individual qualities, we are all more alike than we are different.

The question "What is GlamRock?" is best answered that it is a lifestyle and attitude as much as it is a celebrity collection of designer, rockstar clothing.


GlamRock to me is about living with the feeling that you are beautiful, sexy and one of a kind! GlamRock is the attitude that life can be anything you dream it can be and it is the courage to always go for it. GlamRock is a certain swagger in your step that comes from the joy of doing what you love and for always letting your light shine brightly. GlamRock is the strength that helps us in times of struggle and it is the essence of an enduring passion for music, fashion, film and people.

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Above: Performing Artist Turned Designer Marla Guloien in GlamRock Signature Style

Photographer Odessy Barbu

Makeup: Blair Ashley Keough

Stylist: Bernard Jacobs

Hair: Lindsay Carse | Fringe of Beverly Hills

The Back Story

GlamRock was born out of a my career as a performing artist. It was working on my wardrobe for my second album's cover art that I first created custom pieces for myself as the performer with the intention of making myself stand apart from my peers.

It started as a unique collection of studded, leather jackets, killers dresses and hand embellished boots, belts and glasses. It is my love for performing music and telling stories with fashion, film and design that has led me to the place where I am now, @ShopGlamRock!

Now, it is my pleasure and excitement to announce the GlamRock 2014 ready-to-wear is coming and will be a designer style but value-priced collection available online.

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GlamRock will finally be available to all the incredibly bold, unique girls around the world from the easy to shop online store featuring celebrity styled looks, everyday basics and fun, fabulous creations that are uniquely designed as one-of-a-kind treasures!

For all kinds of exciting promotions, discounts, flash sales and member perks, be sure to register as a member and bookmark our shop!

Instagram - Let your life's passion guide you.... always stay true to your voice
Instagram - @shopglamrock #fashion #musthaves @marlaguloien

Thank you again for visiting! #BeGlamRock


Marla Guloien


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