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The Early Music Days with Marla Guloien's Debut Concert in The Theatre Under The Stars

Recording artist Marla Guloien began her professional career in music in 2009. Just two days before graduating university, Marla announced tickets on sales for her debut concert. Packaged together and promoted using the marketing materials from her graphics design class, Marla took the leap of faith into the world of performing and never looked back.


Within the first 72 hours, all of the seats were gone and Marla Guloien's Debut Concert in The Theatre Under The Stars was set to be the stage for her debut, sold out show!

Unique to this theatre was the ceiling upon which carefully chosen imagery footage was selected to succinctly correspond with the music. Beautiful and majestic, the scenes from across Canada added a truly magical element to the evening.




Over the next seven weeks, Marla and Canadian jazz superstar, Miles Black wrote and produced 17 songs for the live show, debut performance.

Highly regarded and well received, the full studio album 'Marla Guloien Debut' hit iTunes February 2010 and was the first of two albums.

Written and produced with Miles Black, it was a calming mix of jazz, blues, funk and jazz.



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